Afters Gelato Experience

Our Gelato is hand-made to perfection. Right in our store, we make our gelato with fresh ingredients. No preservatives added! Our Gelato will surely give you a great experience that you and your family can enjoy.

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You Can Order Online!

You can now enjoy our Gelato right in front of your doorstep. Order online using Credit Card, Paypal, Cash Deposit, or Cash on Delivery. Available in Metro Manila only.

Vegan Chocolate


Feel the rich Belgian flavor as it melts in your mouth in every spoonful.

Dairy-free; made with coconut milk.

Dairy Stracciatella


Stracciatella is an all-time favorite in Afters! It consists of milk-based creamy gelato filled with fine, irregular shavings of rich dark chocolate!


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Our Store

Located in the heart of Tomas Morato, Afters Espresso and Desserts is home to artisan gelato and fine, handcrafted coffee sourced here and abroad. Space available for meetings and events.

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