Coffee and Tea

Afters Espresso and Desserts offers a variety of coffee and tea blends. Choose your brew, and experience the diversity of each blend as they tell you their story.

  • Brew Bar

    Taste the exotic flavors of the different sources of our coffee as we bring them alive with our brewed coffee. Surprise yourself with a cup of coffee brewed from drip cups, French press, and Aeropress.

  • Aeropress


    Steeps faster than French press with the flavor similar to a shot of espresso.

  • Drip Coffee

    Drip Coffee

    Coffee manually poured over to get those delicate notes you won’t find in most coffee. Enjoy it hot, or cold over ice.

  • French Press

    French Press

    Coffee steeped in hot water, then plunged down to filter out the grounds.

  • Afters Specials

  • afters frappe

    afters frappe

    A double shot of espresso, shaken in ice, topped with cream

  • Authentic irish coffee

    Authentic irish coffee

    Our signature espresso, spiked with authentic Irish whiskey.

  • Cold Brew Coffee

    Cold Brew Coffee

    A four-hour process that steeps the coffee grounds in ice cold water to get that full flavor, minus the acidity.

  • espresso shakerato

    espresso shakerato

    A double shot of espresso, shaken in ice.

  • Hot Chocolate

    Hot Chocolate

    Our house blend of steamed chocolate milk and cocoa.

  • salted caramel latte

    salted caramel latte

    Caramel latte topped with whipped cream and sea salt caramel sauce.

  • Espresso Bar

    The coffee shop standard. A single shot of our signature espresso blend serves as our base for over 30 drinks in our menu. The espresso bar is home to our handcrafted drinks, from espressos to lattes to cappuccinos.

  • americano


    A shot of espresso topped with hot water.

  • cappuccino


    A shot of espresso with textured milk and foam.

  • espresso


    A shot of double ristretto coffee.

  • Espresso macchiato

    A shot of espresso with milk foam.

  • Espresso set

    Espresso set

    Explore the complexity of our espresso served in a shot, and get to see how it works in latte form.

  • the gibraltar

    the gibraltar

    A perfect ratio of espresso and milk.

  • latte

    latte / flavored latte

    A shot of espresso with milk. Also available in caramel, toffee nut, hazelnut, macadamia, macadamia hazelnut, and irish cream.

  • mocha

    mocha / flavored mocha

    A shot of espresso with milk and chocolate. Also available in coconut and peppermint flavour.

  • Shaken

    Need your coffee fix to cool you off? No fret, for our iced coffee drinks are here for you. Each cold coffee variant is shaken in ice, whipped fresh especially for you.

  • iced caramel macchiato

    iced caramel macchiato

    Chilled espresso, shaken in milk and caramel sauce.

  • iced coffee

    iced coffee

    Espresso and water, essentially a chilled Americano.

  • flavoured iced latte

    iced latte / flavoured iced latte

    Chilled espresso, shaken in milk and ice. Also available in caramel, hazelnut, Irish cream, macadamia, macadamia hazelnut, and toffee nut flavor.

  • flavoured iced mocha

    iced mocha / flavoured iced mocha

    Chilled espresso, shaken in milk, ice, and chocolate syrup. Also available in coconut and peppermint flavour.

  • Blenders

    Chill out and beat the daily Manila heat with our blended drinks!

  • caramel

    caramel blender

  • Dark Chocolate with Cookies and Cream

    dark chocolate

  • double chocolate

    double chocolate

  • espresso

    espresso blender

  • mocha

    mocha blender

  • peppermint mocha

    peppermint mocha

  • strawberry

    strawberry blender

  • vanilla

    vanilla blender

  • Gelato Drinks

  • gelato shake

    gelato shake

    Two scoops of gelato blended into a creamy beverage.

  • Other Drinks

  • italian soda

    italian soda

    A fruity twist to your soda. Comes in kiwi, mango, and blueberry flavor.

  • iced tea

    iced tea

    Freshly-brewed tea with kick of fruit. Iced tea comes in strawberry, passion fruit, and blueberry flavor.

  • hot tea

    hot tea

    Enjoy your tea in choco caramel, Singapore sling, funky lemon, royal breakfast, Moroccan mint, or green tea flavor.

  • Options

  • Coffee shot


    Espresso shot or decaf
    Spike up your caffeine or remove it altogether, it's your choice.

  • Coffee beans

    choose your beans!

    Choose from a variety of blends and single origin beans for your brewed coffee or espresso-based drink. See our bean menu for today's pick.

T. Morato Branch

  •  20 Lansbergh Place
     Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City

  •  (02) 441-8818


Our Business Hours

  •  11am to 1am daily

Coffee Workshops

  •  coffee appreciation

     February 20 | March 6 | March 20
     3 sessions, 15 hours total - 10am to 4pm

  •  brewing

     February 24 | March 10 | March 24
     1 session, 3 hours - 1pm to 4pm

  •  barista class

     February 21 to 23 | March 7 to 9 | March 21 to 23
     1 session, 3 hours - 1pm to 4pm

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